Tremolo Stopper

Tremolo Stopper/Stabilizer – Fender/Floyd Rose Style Bridges Guitar Repair Tools

The most economical way to resolve tremolo return positioning problems to keep your guitar in tune. A small investment to end tuning frustration. This tremolo stopper piece makes for a solid stop for the tremolo block as the springs are always keeping the tremolo tight against the stopper screw, which is machined flat for a positive contact. You will still be allowed to push your tremolo arm down for all of those “dive bombs” and recover fully in tune. Now string changing is suddenly easier, because the bridge remains in then position. This will also increase sustain of your guitar, as the string energy is now transferred thru the screw and brass bracket.

Brass is an excellent conductor for this energy. The bracket is CNC machined to shape (note the clean, sharp 90′ angle) for strength and improved surface/energy contact — NOT just brass bent to a 90′ angle Brass Bracket Dimensions: Length 1.00″ Width- .375″ Height- .395″ Your tremolo will always return to the same position. The counter sink screws holds the brass bracket more securely than just a slot. It will not move out of position once installed and is easy to adjust with an Allen wrench. Will work with all Fender and Floyd Rose style Tremolo bridges. . Easy to install and set up. Mounting screws and Installation Instructions included.

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