Guitar Bass Straight Edge Repair Tools

Specaially designed guitar luthier tool to check bass guitar neck straightness of the fretboard and not just the frets. This is the only guitar repair tool to insure neck flatness before leveling your frets. Essential for proper truss rod adjustment. 1/8″x1.5″x23.5″ Machined Edges, 6061 Aluminum. The precision machined notches clear the frets so that the flat edge of this tool only makes contact with the fretboard. This is very rigid and when properly stored will last for years without bending. One side is for 34″(Fender ) length scale basses, and the other side is for 35″ (most 5 string) length scale basses. Whether you’re a luthier or a musician, your guitar will be in top playing condition, a small investment for your favorite instrument.
If you are not sure scale length of your bass… measure from the edge of the nut (headstock) to the center of the 12th fret. It should be about 17″ or 17.5″ +/- 1/16″