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30 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. Straight edges are so nice and very useful for all guitarists. I fixed my guitar neck with it and Fret rocker.
    Highly recommended seller. Fast shipment and friendly communications. Thanks!!

  2. I have several guitars with various specifications. I decided to buy the Complete Set of Straight Edges. I came also with the \”Rocker\”.

    I made my first fret leveling today and I\’d like to express my total satisfaction with these products. I straighten the neck, leveled the frets, and setup the neck perfectly straight, after placing the strings back.

    I think the price is very low and the quality is high. I am very pleased these fine measuring instruments. Shipping fast.

    I encourage Neck Check Guitars to keep providing these and new high quality products at so reasonable prices. I am not a professional, but have I a little knowledge on how to set up, so I saved the money of having to send the guitar to a luthier.

    Antonio Cavicchioni
    Houston, TX

  3. i got the Straight Edge and i fixed the neck of my 3 strats in no time i also use some others tool from stewmac( you guys sale the same quality at half price)i wish you guys sale others tools so i could buy from you, i compared your staright edge with the one from stewmac and i love yours better.
    i also bought the Tremolo Stopper and i gonna do a review next week . so far iam very happy with your tools .

  4. i got the Straight Edge and i fixed the neck of my 3 strats in no time i also use some others tool from stewmac( you guys sale the same quality at half price)i wish you guys sale others tools so i could buy from you, i compared your staright edge with the one from stewmac and i love yours better.
    i also bought the Tremolo Stopper and i gonna do a review next week . so far iam very happy with your tools .

  5. As a machinist I cannot help but admire the quality and craftsmanship of these items, they make life extremely easy and the price point on them is absurdly low. Only a fool would pass these up.

  6. I\’m so thrilled to have found neckcheckguitar through a forum I was browsing.
    I read some great things about the products and couldn\’t resist.
    I haven\’t even received my item because I just ordered it but it was shipped extremely fast.
    I will recommend you to as many friends as I can.
    For sure there will be a return visit from me.

  7. All I can say is WOW! Great service, great product. Ordered on a Wednesday afternoon, sitting on my mailbox Friday morning. Quality is top notch and the price was fantastic. I wish they sold more luthier tools so an amateur like me could build a nice kit without having to take a second mortgage on the house or sell my kids souls. I will definitely recommend to anyone looking for set up tools. Thanks again!

  8. The notched straightedges are such great quality and a great price! I will be ordering more in the near future!

  9. Just got the Fender/Gibson straightedge in the mail today. Absolutely satisfied and will be getting the bass straightedge as well. Shout out to Dave Reaume (davey 4557) and his awesome YouTube channel for pointing us in the right direction.

  10. I order the fret level board with the fret crowning tool and fret rocker combo. Again,happy with the service and quality of the tools. A bit apprehensive about the fret crowning tool. I have a fret crowning file so I wasn’t too worried. I had a electric guitar I only paid $30 for so I used it. Removed the neck, straightened it, using the notched straight edge, Fender specs. Leveled the frets using the 320 grit fret leveling board…WOW. IMPRESSED,then tried to crown the frets. Only got 6 done and had to use the tool steel fret crowning file. Not disappointed at all tho. I used the NC crowning file with my sand paper as a profile polisher. WOW did it work. I used 400;600;800;1000;1500 and 2000 grit. I wish I woulda taken before and after pics. I’m putting the guitar up for sale it looks, plays and sounds that good. I will order more products guaranteed. The service and quality, WOW. Again thanks to davey4557 from utube but Neck Check has backed his claims 110%. Thank you Neck Check staff. Take ’em all out for a steak. Later man

  11. I highly recommend the Neck Checker to anyone who owns a Guitar. It can save you hundreds of dollars when shopping for used necks. Just a quick glance and you can tell if the neck has any twist or bow. I use it not only in my shop but on the road when looking to buy guitars and necks. Its extremely durable, easy to carry around, and you can buy a guitar neck with confidence.

  12. You know I’m a pretty good guitar repair man with natural ability to feel what’s going on with the neck and getting the best possible action by feel instead of relying on gauges. I was extremely skeptical about these tools because they quote didn’t say “Stew- Mac” on them but they did everything theses guys claimed they would and I tested them on a $1000.00 Ibanez Premium and was not disappointed. Here’s what I bought the fret rocker, notched straight edge, and crowning tool and saved myself well over a $100.00. And most importantly they’re made in the U.S.A. unlike some Stew Mac tools that are made in China. These tools are real! Thanks. If you have any questions here’s my e-mail address cbsosa2041@aol.com

  13. I ordered the fret rocker,leveling & crowning tool set. Great quality tools and exceptionally good value. Fast shipping too.

    Shutout and a Thanks to davey4557(Dave’s world of fun stuff) of YouTube for referring me and others to neck check guitar with viewer mail video.

    Hope to order a notched Straight Edge in the near future.


  14. Recently purchased all the notched straight edges, Fret Rocker and the Diamond fret level board.
    Quality looking tools. Very Happy I purchased.
    Great communication and shipping was free to Canada too! Thank you Neck Check Guitar!
    Tommy L sends….

  15. Purchased notched neck checker and fret rocker and am one very happy customer – excellent tools at a great price (fraction of the cost of that very well known over-priced US guitar tool retailer).

    I’m in the UK and items arrived in less than two weeks half and postage was very reasonable. Will be definitely be using you guys again in the future, thanks!

  16. Hi Dave.
    High quality, low price.
    It’s a best tool for guitar neck.
    I’ll buy again soon.
    Thanks my friend!

  17. Just received my Tremolo Stopper today. It is good quality and does exactly what it was designed to do. The shipping was fast, and the product is good bang for the buck. I would recommend it to anyone looking to block a floating trem.

  18. I think the Trem Stopper is great. For some reason I didn’t get mine perfectly straight. It still works great and is easier to install than a small barrel bolt. Sustain and change of strings on a FR sure is easier. I have one Floyd spring angled and one straight plus a straight Fender spring. I get a slight tremolo effect off this setup which sounds pretty cool. It’s cheap too but not made that way. I take cheap guitars and make them sound great.

  19. Hope I can find your site again, as your prices are great, I have orded the Martin notched neck straight edge. hope it is as good as it looks.
    Ned Rasmussen, ENRAS GUITARS

  20. Bought the bass neck check straight edge its nice.but don’t know if I need to use it with a feeler gauge or how exactly what tolerance I’m looking for.need instructions thanks

  21. David …..very high quality products, excellent communication, fast accurate shipping, the products are exactly as described. Exceptional value. Thank you

  22. Just received the neck check for Fender and Gibson with the Fret Rocker. Yeah there may be prettier pieces out there but these are TOOLS, I want QUALITY, and PRECISION not Pretty. You get that with both of these!!!

    Beautifully made solid and clean. Way better than using a carpenter’s square and I have a multi-tool that I can use as a fret rocker that is VERY accurate for measuring but falls really short as a fret rocker. The fret rocker is excellent and with all the different edges perfect…I generally don’t like tools that can only perform one function but a fret rocker is an exception and it’s small enough not to matter.
    If you have been thinking about getting either of these tools STOP THINKING AND BUY THEM!!!

  23. I’ve checked the two notched straight edges I ordered against a crazy expensive “precision” un-notched straight edge and they are, in fact, straight. No reason to spend more money do to the mistaken impression that you’ll be getting something better. These are “better”.

  24. I purchased the leveling board, fret rocker, crowning tool and notched straight edge from eBay. I have never leveled frets before, but thought I would give it a try on a MIM Strat. I quickly identified 9 high frets. The leveler made short work of the high frets and the crowning file worked perfectly. I finished it of with 0000 steel wool. What a difference it made to the playability and sound of the guitar. And about 1/4 the cost of getting the tools from stewmac.com. I will try this on my acoustic guitar, next.

  25. I’ve received the Fender/Gibson Straight Edge within 5 business days (I live in Montreal Quebec) – from the date of purchase to my doorstep. It was packaged in a sturdy cylinder cardboard, and the package didn’t suffer a single dent during the shipping process.

    I’ve been able to do the fretwork on my Gibson SG in a jiffy with this notched straight edge.

    Furthermore, I own a Simon & Patrick acoustic guitar and the 24 3/4″ side notches were a perfect fit to check out this S&P neck. If you own a Seagull, a Norman or a Simon & Patrick acoustic guitar (these 3 are made by Godin Guitars), you’ll be able to use the 24 3/4″ notches as Godin acoustic guitars’ necks are all the same scale (if you own a LaPatrie Classic guitar, you may want to check the specs with Godin first).

    Looking forward in doing business again in a very short future.

  26. I got a notched straight edge for Gibson/Fender. It was sent next day (very fast), but due to oversea shipment it took about a week to reach me. Very nice tool, which showed that a 46 yo guitar neck needs to be straigthened. Thanks for this tool.

  27. Been using the straight edges and fret crowning tools for several years and they are the best! I’ve saved thousands by doing leveling jobs myself with these tools and they are so reasonably priced! I’ve spent way more on blue painters tape than these tools LOL!
    Thank you for making these available to us starving musicians and keep up the good work.

  28. Very pleased with the Fret Rocker/Fret Leveling Board/Diamond Fret Crowning Tool and the Bass Straight edge. The quality of the tools is fantastic and the price is more than fair.
    Hope to see new products in the future.