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Neck Check Guitar Repair Tools

We here at Neck Check Guitar Tools have been supplying luthier tools not only to professional guitar makers, but for the guitar owners to maintain their favorite instrument. We manufacture all our own products here in California using the latest in computer aided design and CNC machining technology. No molding, stamping or punching done here, only %100 machining of quality materials.

How to use guitar repair tools. Checking the straightness of your guitar neck begins with the wood of the fretboard, not the frets. So before any fret leveling work should be done, you must adjust the truss rod within your guitar’s neck to make it straight. After years, or even months of playing or just damp weather, more than likely your neck has move, either bowing back or forward. By placing the Neck Check tool over the frets you can accurately determine how much your neck is bowed and in what direction accurately. Once you have adjusted the truss rod, now you can rest this tool on top of the frets to check fret wear (used as a standard straight edge). 90% of electric guitars will use our Fender/Gibson scale tool.

If you are not sure of your scale length, send us a message with your make and model. These tools can be used with hundreds of other guitar brands besides the ones we’ve mentioned. We also have a Bass tool. Now you only need to determine the right tool for your guitar.

These are professional quality tools. We also make a Tremolo Stopper/Stabilizer to keep you in tune, and a String Height /Nut slotting Gauge for fast accurate bridge and nut set-ups.

Feel free to email us which tool is right for your instrument.